April 24, 2014

Help Us Prepare a Nourishing Meal for Needy Children in Myanmar

WP Yangon orphanage

Since the start of Khiri Travel in Myanmar we have committed ourselves to help local communities and at the same time show our clients the real Myanmar. We often take our clients to visit one of the thousands of monasteries throughout the country. The monasteries are like community help and … [Read more...]

A Taste of Mandalay, Mangoes and Markets

WP Mandalay

Khiri Myanmar’s “Mandalay Markets & Fine Food” full day tour (0700-1500) gives you a nice day out enjoying the farming area around Mandalay, tasting the seasonal fruits and learning about varied crops the local farmers are reliant upon. Mandalay is known for its food and vibrant market … [Read more...]

Join the Blue Elephant Cooking School in Phuket

WP Blue Elephant 1

Brussels was the first city to have a Blue Elephant restaurant. It was initiated over 30 years ago in 1980 by Khun Nooror Somany Steppe, a Thai living in Brussels with her Belgian husband, Mr. Karl Steppe. With a passion for Thai cooking, Khun Nooror with the support of her husband and other … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Taste of Cambodia at Culinary Charity Party


The Cambodian Cuisine Charity Party will take place at the end of March in Phnom Penh. On 29 and 30 March, the Olympic Stadium – the fulfilment of a unique Khmer architecture style from the 1960s - turns into one big yummy food party. The event is organized by local NGO Pour un Sourire d’ Enfant … [Read more...]

Top-end Shopping and Authentic Chiang Mai Dining

Gallery Ping River Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai city, Khiri Travel recommends that visitors take in some of the great galleries along Charoen Rat Road, parallel to the Ping River. For example, we recently explored the original Vila Cini, set up in an ancient shop house. It offers exquisite silk and cotton textiles. Even though Vila … [Read more...]

High on Coffee in Southern Laos

Lao coffee tour

Khiri Travel Laos would like to give you a high quality caffeine rush. Paksong, 50 kms from Pakse in southern Laos, is the coffee growing capital of the country. Khiri Travel Laos now offers a Mr Coffee tour up to the Bolaven Plateau at a nice and cool 1,300 metres to inspect the coffee growing … [Read more...]