April 16, 2014

Khiri Travel Offers New Myanmar-Thailand Tour Options as Border Crossing Opens

Kayaking rest stop

Khiri Travel has announced new destinations and personalized tour options following the opening of the Mae Sot-Myawaddy border last month. The opening of the border facilitates land travel between Bangkok, central Thailand and the Kayin and Mon States of Myanmar and on to Yangon and the rest of … [Read more...]

Experience Village Life on a Krabi Island Away from the Crowds

WP Koh Klang Kayak

In cooperation with the Islanda Village Resort, Khiri Travel Thailand now offers an excellent off the beaten track option to Koh Klang in Krabi province in southern Thailand. The island is great for clients who are interested in doing something different. It is also suitable for families. Koh … [Read more...]

On the Beach in Myanmar: Quiet Days and Rural Ways

Early morning walk on the beach at Maung Shwe Lai

Recently, the Khiri Travel Myanmar team spent a few days inspecting the tropical beaches of southwest Myanmar. They stayed a few days in Ngapali and Maung Shwe Lay and had a great experience. Our Director of Operations, JP Klovstad, took the opportunity to see the daily routine of local … [Read more...]

Burmese Spirits: Meet U Shin Gyi, Owner of the Sea

WP U Shin Gyi sea god

Myanmar spirits or nats are highly revered in Myanmar -- in temples, with fortune-tellers, and in almost everybody’s house. Consider a nat a “guardian spirit” for the house, one’s health, or one’s fortune. Some of the popular spirits are the guardian of Shwedagon Pagoda and the nat smoking … [Read more...]

Discover Cha(r)ming Islands Just Offshore from Hoi An

WP Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham, or the Cham Islands, are a one-hour wooden junk ride (or a 30-minute speedboat ride) off Hoi An’s shore. It is a group of about five islands, perfect for a day trip when staying in Hoi An. Travelers can go for snorkeling and diving among some very beautiful corals. The waters … [Read more...]

Khiri Travel Appointed Official Travel Partner of Luang Prabang Film Festival

LPFF logo

Khiri Travel has been appointed the Official Travel Partner of this year's Luang Prabang Film Festival, a charitable cultural event that celebrates Southeast Asian cinema and supports the region's filmmakers. The festival, which will take place from December 7-11, 2013, is free to attend. Screens … [Read more...]