April 20, 2014


Cheers to Bia Hoi in Saigon

WP Bia hoi 5

One of the best local Vietnamese beers is Bia Hoi, a very light beer made with no preservatives. (It is perhaps similar to Bud Light beer if you want to have a comparison.) Breweries that prepare the beer are quite secretive about the recipe, but asking around a little on the street informs us … [Read more...]

Snake, Blood, Wine and a Beating Heart in Vietnam

WP Snake wine in Vietnam

Snake wine: an alcoholic drink prepared with blood or the gall bladder of the snake mixed with rice wine. Yum! The process to prepare the drink is entertaining, the ingredients surprising. The viscera of a fresh snake is removed, its gall bladder and heart kept separately. Its blood is gathered … [Read more...]

Discover Cha(r)ming Islands Just Offshore from Hoi An

WP Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham, or the Cham Islands, are a one-hour wooden junk ride (or a 30-minute speedboat ride) off Hoi An’s shore. It is a group of about five islands, perfect for a day trip when staying in Hoi An. Travelers can go for snorkeling and diving among some very beautiful corals. The waters … [Read more...]

A Sea of Activities at the Con Dao Islands

WP Con Dao

Welcome to a group of 16 small tropical islands an hour away from Saigon. The Con Dao islands offer immense natural beauty: forested hills, deserted sandy beaches and arguably the best diving spots in the whole of Vietnam. The biggest island is Con Son. Here, the Six Senses Con Dao is tucked away … [Read more...]

Halong Bay Makes for a Rewarding Rock Climbing and Kayaking Adventure

WP Ha Long bat

Enjoy a unique experience with kayaking and rock climbing around Ha Long Bay. Khiri Travel Vietnam now casts off into Lan Ha Bay; the less traveled, less touristy and amazingly beautiful southern part of Ha Long Bay. We take a short cruise through the spectacular scenery of karst mountains and … [Read more...]

Vietnam Central Highlands: Jarai Music and More

WP Long House Vietnam

Khiri Travel Vietnam goes out of their way to find plenty of hill tribes residing in traditional houses. In a three-day tour we enjoy the villages of Kon Tum and Pleiku in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. The area, sharing borders with southern Laos and the far northeastern tip of Cambodia, is also … [Read more...]