April 20, 2014


Smooth Roads to Chateau de Loei Wine Tasting

WP Winery Loei

The quality of the roads often makes driving upcountry in Thailand a pleasure, perfect for self-drive holidays. One of the routes Khiri Travel Thailand has prepared starts in Phitsanulok and takes travelers to Nong Khai past Dan Sai and the charming town of Chiang Kham for a total of four days. The … [Read more...]

The Lively Sois of Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road

WP The Nest

Sukhumvit Road is the longest road in Thailand. It stretches from central Bangkok all the way down to Pattaya. Today we’re interested in the Bangkok end. Both the road and its many adjoining 'sois' (sub-streets) from Soi 1 to Soi 25 or so are poor on traditional tourist attractions, but rich in … [Read more...]

Khiri Travel Offers New Myanmar-Thailand Tour Options as Border Crossing Opens

Kayaking rest stop

Khiri Travel has announced new destinations and personalized tour options following the opening of the Mae Sot-Myawaddy border last month. The opening of the border facilitates land travel between Bangkok, central Thailand and the Kayin and Mon States of Myanmar and on to Yangon and the rest of … [Read more...]

Experience Village Life on a Krabi Island Away from the Crowds

WP Koh Klang Kayak

In cooperation with the Islanda Village Resort, Khiri Travel Thailand now offers an excellent off the beaten track option to Koh Klang in Krabi province in southern Thailand. The island is great for clients who are interested in doing something different. It is also suitable for families. Koh … [Read more...]

Hua Hin: A Royal Beach Retreat Once Again

WP klai kangwon palace

With the construction of the railway line from Bangkok in the 1920s, Hua Hin became popular as a rainy season retreat for the inhabitants of the capital. The beautiful, colonial style Railway Hotel was built near Hua Hin's famous rocks in 1923 by the State Railway Authority, which also built … [Read more...]

Witness the Surreal Phuket Vegetarian Festival

WP Phuket vegetarian festival

See traditions of the past come alive at Phuket’s most celebrated festival. Chinese gods Giu Ong will descend from the heavens and reside in Phuket for nine days The Vegetarian Festival is a time for spiritual and physical cleansing, paying respect to ancestors and receiving blessings. It … [Read more...]