April 19, 2014


Travel news from around the Khiri world.

Smooth Roads to Chateau de Loei Wine Tasting

WP Winery Loei

The quality of the roads often makes driving upcountry in Thailand a pleasure, perfect for self-drive holidays. One of the routes Khiri Travel Thailand has prepared starts in Phitsanulok and takes travelers to Nong Khai past Dan Sai and the charming town of Chiang Kham for a total of four days. The … [Read more...]

Cheers to Bia Hoi in Saigon

WP Bia hoi 5

One of the best local Vietnamese beers is Bia Hoi, a very light beer made with no preservatives. (It is perhaps similar to Bud Light beer if you want to have a comparison.) Breweries that prepare the beer are quite secretive about the recipe, but asking around a little on the street informs us … [Read more...]

Try Myanmar’s ‘Tranquil’ Local Wines

WP MM Wine lady

Myanmar women drink even less than men. When they do drink, they prefer wine to beer. Locally produced wines are winning more market share in Myanmar. At the same time, big supermarkets in Yangon display a huge variety of local and foreign wines, starting at US$7 per bottle. Back in the 1990s, a … [Read more...]

Beer Lao: A Country in a Bottle

WP Sunset-beer

In Myanmar it might only rain beer during the wet season. In Laos however, the beer flows strong and pure all year round. Founded in 1971, Lao Brewery Company Limited first began brewing its signature beer in 1973. Beer Lao is a premium beer that combines the mastery of European beer making … [Read more...]

All Aboard for Yangon’s Beer Stations and Oktoberfest

WP Yangon 19 Street

Of the about 55 million people living in Myanmar, roughly 90% of them are Buddhist. Buddhist faith does not prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages, but asks for the middle way. The end result is that there is relatively modest alcoholic consumption in the country. Beer and wine do not … [Read more...]

Grapes and Palms in the Battambang Countryside

WP Battambang Winery

The only vineyards in Cambodia are located in Battambang on the road between the Angkorian temple of Phnom Banan and the city of Battambang. Each year the winery produces several thousands bottles of red and white wines, Cambodian brandy and fresh grape juice. Several long vineyards are located … [Read more...]